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october, 2019

13oct14 h 30Act 3 : Moutin's Musical Workshops (FRA)


Event Details

3rd act from Residence & workshop with Louis and François MOUTIN
+ SAINT-ÉTIENNE and SAINT-CHAMOND conservatories


Rive-de-Gier / Couzon Theater / 2:30 PM


Rhino Jazz(s) 2019 presents: Residence & workshop with Louis and François Moutin. In the form of 3 acts, the Moutin brothers will perform with a quintet, a quartet and with the conservatories of Saint-Chamond and Saint-Étienne.


Act 3 / Moutin’s Musical Workshops

Act 3 of the work planned with Louis and François Moutin, artistic residency in collaboration with two conservatories of music. An exciting musical and human adventure with more than thirty students from the conservatories of Saint-Etienne and Saint-Chamond that engages the creation of original musical forms or existing repertoires…

For the special event “Residence & Workshop with Louis and François Moutin”, the municipality of Rive-de-Gier and Rhino Jazz(s) invite you for a festive day!


The program includes :

  • 11 AM : Musical aperitif at Jardin des Curiosités with Rive-de-Gier Conservatory’s Jazz workshops + CNR
  • 12 AM : Possibility to eat at Jardin des Curiosités with Rive-de-Gier Conservatory’s Jazz workshops + CNR
  • 2:30 PM : Moutin’s Musical Workshops concert


Residence & workshop with Louis and François Moutin
Tuesday, 8th october 2019 at 8:30 PM / Act 1 – Moutin Factory 5tet at Maison de la Culture Le Corbusier, Firminy
Saturday, 12th october 2019 at 8:30 PM / Act 2 – Moutin Blowing 4tet at Salle Jean Dasté, Rive-de-Gier


Louis Moutin : Drums
François Moutin : Double bass
Saint-Étienne Conservatory : Ludovic Murat, Adam Aich, Timothé Anthouard, Maxime Arbre, Hugo Bachs, Arthur Barthelemy, Anastase Benhamza, Clément Ceni, Romain Daubard, David Mohamed, Titouan Moyon, Pierre Patry, Yannick Prudent, Vincent Regolo, Robin Rivoire, Kevin Robert, Baggio Juraver, Simon Thery
Saint-Chamond Conservatory :
Charles Humbert, Vivien Tardy, Guillaume Murgue, Clémence Rakato Andriotsoa, Crystale Layemar, Thibaut Caruana, Stéphane Foucher, Nicolas Tardy, Christophe Mathelin, Christophe Dure, Rémi Chassagneux, François Maisse, Michel Goutagny, Olivier Roux, Maurice Labrosse, Dominique Velasco, Pascale Lafforgue, Xavier Bruneau, Nicolas Baby, Thibaut Privat

Workshop scheduled with the conservatories :
18th november : Jam
19th november : workshop in Saint-Étienne
20th november: workshop in Saint-Chamond
JANUARY 2019 :
14th January: Jam
15th January: workshop in Saint-Étienne
16th January: workshop in Saint-Chamond.
MARCH 2019 :
11th March: Jam
12th March: Workshop in Saint-Étienne
13th March: Workshop in Saint-Chamond.
JUNE 2019 :
3rd June: Jam
4th June: Workshop in Saint-Étienne
5th June: Workshop in Saint-Chamond.
OCTOBER 2019 :
9th October: Workshop in Saint-Étienne
10th October: Workshop in Saint-Chamond.

In partnership with the municipality of Rive-de-Gier, Saint-Chamond and Saint-Étienne conservatories.
With the support of the SPEDIDAM and the DRAC.
Photo : © DR

Practical information

Free entry

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(Sunday) 14 h 30


Théâtre de Couzon

25 Rue Antoine Marrel 42800 Rive De Gier