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27sep20 h 30Al McKay’s Earth Wind & Fire Experience (USA)

28sep20 h 30Les Violons Barbares (MNG/BGR/FRA)

28sep20 h 30Freshtet (FRA)

29sep18 h 00Richard Galliano Solo (FRA)

01oct20 h 30Marion Rampal "Main Blue" (FRA)

02oct20 h 00EYM Trio (FRA)

03oct20 h 00Noa "Letters to bach" (ISR)

04oct20 h 30Glen David Andrews & The Voices of New Orleans (USA)

05oct20 h 30New-Orleans Jazz Band 005 (FRA)

05oct20 h 30Thomas de Pourquery - Supersonic (FRA)

06oct17 h 00La Mossa (FRA/ITA)

06oct17 h 30Jean-Pierre Como Solo (FRA)

08oct20 h 30Act 1 : Moutin Factory 5tet (FRA)

09oct20 h 30Same Player Shoot Again "Our King Freddie" (FRA)

10oct20 h 30Macha Gharibian Trio (FRA/CAN/BEL)

10oct20 h 30Toto ST (ANG/FRA/BRA/BFA)

11oct20 h 30Nola French Connection (FRA)

11oct20 h 30Sarah Lenka (FRA)

12oct20 h 30The Bongo Hop (FRA)

12oct20 h 30Drom Blanchard 4tet (FRA)

12oct20 h 30Act 2 : Moutin Blowing 4tet (FRA)

13oct14 h 30Act 3 : Moutin's Musical Workshops (FRA)

13oct17 h 00Mieko Miyazaki & Franck Wolf (JPN/FRA)

13oct17 h 30Uptown Lovers (FRA)

14oct21 h 00Rémi Gaudillat 6tet (FRA)

15oct20 h 00Franck Tortiller / "SHUT UP'n SING YER ZAPPA" (FRA)

15oct20 h 30Organic Trio (FRA)

16oct20 h 00Émile Parisien 4tet (FRA)

16oct20 h 30Thomas Kahn (FRA)

17oct20 h 30Raphaël Schwab et Julien Soro (FRA)

17oct(oct 17)20 h 30Nubya Garcia 4tet (GBR)

18oct20 h 30Hugh Coltman (GBR/USA/FRA)

19oct20 h 30Blues Evening - Jean-Jacques Milteau / Sugaray Rayford (FRA/USA)

20oct18 h 00Thomas Ibanez 5tet meet Grant Stewart (FRA/CAN/DEU/AUT)